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Just like your car radio picks up almost all frequencies even your one dollar donation will help Signal Horizon reach everyone.  Your contribution will earn you a shout out on our webpage or Podcast. 
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Thank you so much for becoming an even larger part of the Signal Horizon Universe. Your 5.00 will pay for about half of one episode of The Horror Pod Class or will pay to screen one movie.  Its a much needed start.  Tell us what to watch or cover.  You get. 

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Breaker Breaker one niner.  Would you like some pink champagne candy cane.  This next level is a real commitment to what we are doing here at Signal.  You have our attention at any time.  But 10.00 pays for any entire episode of The Horror Pod Class.  It also pays for two movies or a special event.  Our coverage expands specifically because of your contribution.

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Without a series of Stations to create content our radios would be nothing but static.  You are the ones that fight the void.  Your music prevents the static.  For 25.00 a month your commitment will earn all of the other tiers plus a Signal Horizon T shirt  
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Towers amplify the Signal so that everyone can hear the message.  Your commitment will guarantee more people will hear our Signal.  Your unbelievable dedication to our website blows us away.  As a tiny token of our appreciation you will receive all of the tiers plus a Signal Horizon T Shirt.  Let us know your size and we will ship it out.  

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The only thing illuminating the darkness is the light house.  The light acts as a warning for incoming ships while also preventing the darkness from fully taking over.  You are that light house.  You are the pillar of which all other things at Signal Horizon are built on.  To thank you for your commitment you will receive all of the other tiers and a commitment from Tyler and Mike that you can appear on a podcast of your choosing.  This gift from us to you is an annual award you will receive once a year as long as you remain a faithful Light House Member.

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About Signal Horizon

In Late 2017 Tyler and Mike started a website dedicated to how horror and science fiction influences our culture.  Tyler and Mike are both teachers and have found horror and science fiction compelling vehicles to teach their students important cultural lessons.  This website is the brain child of many late afternoons in the classrooms and even later nights at the movie theatre or bar. Everyone here at Signal Horizon has a full time job on top of their contributions to Signal Horizon.  As teachers we have little expendable income as it is.  Join us and help pay for our theatre visits, film festival entries and participation at other conferences, and even basic hosting and domain fees.    
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