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About Signs Closer

Who are you?

My name is Dylan Hinks. I'm a Deaf man who wants to work with the Deaf community to build a better future today for all. 

Why should I give you money?

To produce more ASL videos on these topics and videos I translate, I need to fund this work with your support. If you want general access, you can sign up for the lowest tier. If you want more personalized work for ideas or content that you are interested in, you can go for higher tiers.

What do I get from this?

In my interactions with other Deaf people, they often tell me my information I have helped make sense of many things for them in their lives. We can understand better our barriers in the way, and work together to develop a deeper understanding of how we can move beyond them. With your support, I will be able to spend time on translating works, watching Deaf videos as you request and providing commentary, and discussing how we can break beyond the limits of liberal social justice toward socialism.

Also, I will also be doing reviews on TV shows and movies–discussing themes and things to notice in the media we watch. I know today has so many good TV shows so I think it's important for us to connect through some things we like, and see what we can get from these.

How else can I support you?

You can also watch my videos on YouTube, share my work, and subscribe to me on YouTube and Twitter. If you watch my YouTube videos, I ask one favor: let the ad play (don't skip until 30 seconds) for the video so YouTube can pay me. 

How does your content work for me? 

How do we move beyond social justice toward liberation for Deaf people and for all people? This Patreon is a space where I translate anti-capitalist videos, make commentary videos for videos and write essays. 

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