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About Siku

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Hey everyone, my name is Siku.
I've been the lead developer of LUI since 2011 and thanks to the support from the community, it's been one of the most popular World Of Warcraft UIs out there. The user interface is the single most important gameplay element of an MMORPG. You look at it every single second that you are playing, thus having an interface that you are comfortable with, that you enjoy looking, is extremely important to make sure you keep playing and having a blast with friends. LUI offers an incredibly customizable interface because we recognize that everyone is different, and no one will settle for a "One Size Fits All" solution.

The maintenance of the addon and the development of a rewritten version is no small task, the codebase is huge, and this takes time. Time I currently often have to spend elsewhere to make sure I can pay everything at the end of the day. Donations that were sent have helped immensely, which is why I hope Patreon will continue in that vein and possibly even allow me to not worry at all.

I do not subscribe to the idea that some features should be considered "Premium" only. I dislike most software that advertises themselves as a full package, and then you find out that 70% of it is locked behind a premium monthly fee and I hold myself to the same standards. I want the full LUI package to be available to everyone and I want you to fund me because you want to fund me. I will not hold any update ransom or locked behind a patreon goal of sorts.

Pay as much or as little as you want. Pay nothing if you don't believe you should. If you are a patron, but decide to stop, no hard feelings. Don't put yourself in financial issues for my sake, that would make me both of us feel bad. You are not obliged to give me any of your money. But I will love you for doing so :D

Patrons will receive a golden colored name on the Discord server, access to a behind the scene channel that I do not often post in, and may have some vague benefits when I revamp the website. Not missing out on anything.

Whether you fund me or not, thank you. Seriously. Thank you. The fact I even feel like I could attempt this is thanks to you all.

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