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Penny Dreadful is a Player-run Magic the Gathering Online format, and over the past two and a half years, I've sunk a large amount of technical investment into it.

This includes thinks like:

In total, I've sunk thousands of hours into these things, and the result is a lovely community of Magic players, and what has become my favorite format. 
I've always seen the results of my efforts (The format, the tools, and most importantly, the community) as reward enough for my labor.

However, the ongoing costs of running everything is slowly going up, as we continue to grow and improve.

As such, I'm starting a patreon to help cover the hosting fees for these things.

In addition to Penny Dreadful, I also create the occasional Twitter bots, some open source tools, run some community groups, and am an Indie Game Developer.
$60 - reached! per month
At this point, the monthly running costs for PDBot is also covered.  I'm no longer losing money running these things.
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