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  • My eternal gratitude.
  • Access to my patron feed where you will receive updates about new stories and comics as well as extra behind-the-scenes stuff.


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  • All previous rewards.
  • PLUS you get to write a silly testimonial for my site (displayed testimonial will be rotated each week or whenever I remember and can contain a link to your ow...


$5 /mo
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  • PLUS I will draw a comic-portrait of you. Yep, you. As a comic. Set it as your social media display pic, print it out and frame it, get stickers made and canva...


$10 /mo
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  • PLUS you get a comic-portrait of you ... hanging out with a dinosaur! Pterosaurs and prehistoric marine reptiles are also acceptable if you prefer them. (Digital image).


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  • PLUS your dinosaur comic will be displayed in my hall of fame!


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  • PLUS I will hand draw a comic portrait of your pet and post it to you. If you don't have a pet, I will make one up for you.


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  • PLUS I add you to my Christmas Newsletter list (which I just decided I have), which I will post to you every year! I don't seriously think anyone will do this...