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My intention is to disprove the disinformation that is propagated against Poland by using historical accuracy and setting the record straight.  For many years and especially now, Poland has been slandered in many ways, especially being accused of being a collaborationist county with the Nazis, as well as overwhelmingly antisemitic, which is absolutely not factual. 

This is part of an agenda that is used for many reasons, partially by the Holocaust organizations as well as to maintain the status of keeping one people as the only sacred victim, disregarding others, monopolizing suffering to keep the Poles out of this "holy 6 million".  

To isolate others from their proper place as victims of the terror of Nazism is dishonorable and shameful and to then place those people in the aggressor camp is heartless. For anyone who cares about the truth and passing on the sanctity of the deaths of three million beautiful souls that perished, it is important to fight this attack on the Polish honor.
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The next goal I would like to work on is to make a video with the help of my patrons and my own resources about the risks of saving the life of a Jew in Nazi occupied Poland. 

People often say “why didn’t more people save Jews?”  Obviously we know the true risks and factors involved in that life and death struggle that so many undertook that many modern day individuals would not. 

I think this is truly an important endeavor to create to explain the actual dangers involved and not something so simple as many people think. 

The details are so important in this material for people to understand and then I can ask them this soul searching question and then they can respond for themselves? 
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