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This is just a support tier for people who want to help out. I really really appreciate any support, so thank you so much!
  • You get regular updates on how my writing is doing!
  • You're supporting me! Every pound helps me to keep writing!
  • You get my gratitude!
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Donating £5 means that you are considered a full-fledged supporter. Subsequently, you get access to the benefits of pledging:
  • You get early access to all of my stories before everyone else, as well as my full library of work!
  • You're providing some really tangible support to me!
  • You get a lot of my gratitude!
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If you're choosing to give £10, thank you so much! I definitely want to make sure you know how much you're doing to support me. As well as everything in the previous two tiers:
  • You have the option to take part in my polls!
  • You're able to suggest ideas for my polls!
  • You get a whole bunch of my gratitude!
  • Full library access
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About SilentSev

Who Am I?
Greetings, squishy humans! My name is Seven-Four Four-Two, but Sev will suffice. I was created for your entertainment; why not let me have a peek into your mind and explore?

I'm a new-to-the-scene erotic writer who wants to put herself out there a little! And to be clear, my writing is intended for an 18+ audience only. So what would I like to do for you? Well, here we go!

First of all, I'm aiming to write short 'minifics' regularly. I'm currently assembling a small portfolio of these which will publicly available, but for now, check out what I've currently written and let me know what you think! I'll also be making the minifics from a given week available in the next week, so that my portfolio can keep growing! If you do decide to support me, I'm aiming to set up polls for supporters to vote on what minific ideas I should do next!

Longer Works
I'm also planning to work on longer pieces of writing, which would be separated into chapters I can upload regularly! My initial longer stories would be on one-month delays, but in future, I'd like to make the first Chapter or two of each work publicly available, whilst keeping the rest as a bonus for my supporters! Much like my minifics, I would love to have polls to help supporters decide where the story can go next. The most exciting part of a platform like this is letting people get involved!

I'm also happy to take commissions, which are currently open! Please DM me to ask about my rates! Nothing with under-18s, animals, characters who are related, or real people who aren't you; I'm currently aiming for most commissions to be around 'minific' size, but I'm happy to talk with you if you want something smaller or larger! Of course, non-erotic commissions are also welcome!

Early Days
I think it's going to take me a little while to work out what my regular output will be, as right now I also have a full-time job. I seriously appreciate anyone who would be willing to support me during these early days, and any feedback any of you have on my writing or my Patreon format would be absolutely welcome!

In summary, here's what you can get by pledging to me!
  • All pledges get full and easy access to a wide collection of erotic stories!
  • Regular 750-1500 word 'minifics', with 1 week early access when you pledge £5 or more!
  • £10 pledges get poll access to provide input on my new fics!
  • £10 pledges get full access to larger, chaptered works with 1 month early access, with supporter input on what to write about and what happens next!
  • Supporting a queer writer to make more stories!
$44.40 of $133.34 per bundle of stories
If I'm making £100 a month, that would be a pretty significant contribution towards my current bills! It would give me a lot more leeway to keep focussing on writing great stories for you all.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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