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Welcome to Silent Shadows by SbkzorTV

The new hub dedicated to the rogue community of World of Warcraft Classic – TBC.

Silent Shadows is a community that I (Sbkzor) founded after years of playing on the Burning Crusade. This platform aims to deliver high quality information, such as complete guides for PvP, arenas, but also PvE tips and any other input that you will need to be ready for your TBC adventure as a rogue.
I have asked the help of multiple friends and contributors to make this website as complete as possible to cover the topics I wouldn't be able to cover myself. However, this website is clearly a second work for me, which is not with around 30 hours a week dedicated to community management, content creation, website development, and so on.
I never started this project to "sell" anything and all content shared is free, nonetheless, I received multiple times request about a Patreon or stuff like that, so here it is.

Big thanks for the players, whatever the tip is, it means a lot 

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