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About Joe Chiappetta

You give; I produce comics!
When you become my patron, I make more comics and art for you to enjoy. You get priority access to my work. This includes new comics and drawings, plus unpublished art from my 3 decades in the comic book and arts industry.

For most of the half-century that I have been alive, I have been moving the hearts of people through drawings and comics. Best known for my work on the award-winning Silly Daddy Comics series, your support will allow more of my innovative, family-friendly brand of storytelling to come to life.

Cartooning is a passion and an exciting way to communicate. As my patron, you will empower me to post comics and drawings here multiple times per week: many of which the rest of the world does not see!

Your continued support will encourage an increase in my productivity, which in turn will create more inspiring material for new Silly Daddy comic books.

Thanks for playing your part in making my creative visions come alive!

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