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Thank you! You are helping me realize my dream. I am extremely grateful and I will try my hardest not to let you down. I will follow you on Twitter. Just send me a message after you become a Patron. You also get access to my Patron only posts and the polls I make regarding my game. You have the ability to directly affect my game :D

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Thank you! You are helping me realize my dream. As a Grey Pony you will get access to behind the scenes videos of the creation of my game as well as access to my Discord chat!

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As a Black Pony you will be mentioned at the end of every YouTube video I make! Plus all previous tier rewards :) 




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Hello and welcome! You can call me SilverPony. I became obsessed with Assasin's Creed Odyssey because of the horses that were in the game. Silver (I named him that lol) is one of the NPC horses in the game. I fell in love with that model and rode it anytime I could. 

I created this Patreon to update you guys on the horse video game I am in the process of creating and to help me get the game done. If you become one of my Patrons you will get access to exclusive polls I make about my game and will be able to directly affect the outcome of this super awesome ultimate horse lover's video game! Also one of my tiers will get the opportunity to try beta test my game before I even put it out into the world. Help me fix any bugs, tell me what you think could be better or different etc... I am making this game the way I want a game to be, as a gamer myself. And as a horse lover since I was 8 years old (Im 31 now). This game will be the game I always wanted but could never find. And I hope it is that for you as well :) 

So I will stop taking up your time. Go check out my tiers if you are possibly considering becoming a Patron. I will be forever grateful for my fans whatever you decide. Thank you for supporting me here, on Twitter, Instagram and/or Youtube :) 

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If I can$1500 a month with my Patreon I can bring you quality gaming and video content without worrying about my bills constantly. This will result in a much less stressed game and content creator. Which is a win for everyone xD 
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