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The world is changing around us. Right now, the 1st of July, we are pretty much in the middle of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The world is very different and we have no real idea of what the world will be lie when we get out the other side.
As a performing artist I am trying to move everything I do to a virtual platform, experiment with ways of presenting my work. What do I do ? I am a storyteller. I tell folk and fairy tales, myths and legends. Don't tune out just yet. Many of these stories are NOT for kids. Many are, but these ancient tales would be told to a group of people of all ages. The fun and silly stories would be told until the wee, wee children fell asleep, then the next oldest kids would slip into slumber. The storyteller would ramp up, if you will the stories throughout the evening to eventually get to the red-meat stories. The stories vary from fun tales, to teaching tales, pourquoi stories about the world around us, deep stories about life, love, challenges, the pitfalls and the pinnacles of life. These stories STILL explain life around us, tackling difficult subject matter, one step removed. These ancient tales distill the knowledge passed down for centuries.
Kids are no longer abandoned in woods, but many are when parents work away from home, or have three jobs to pay the rent (Hansel and Gretel), we still deal the subject of death and have to explain it kids (Death in a Nut), we need to teach people who to deal with hard relationships and these tales do it so well without triggering the audience.
More and more of the younger generation have idea how to have a face-to-face conversation with another person, they are losing empathy, and these stories can help teach us we need to communicate.
"Conversations with Storytellers" is a podcast, a collection of interviews with professional storytellers who have been doing this for a long time. They talk about how they grew up, what their backgrounds were like, and how they got into telling stories and why these old tales are so important.
My other podcast which will begin soon, will be all folk and fairy tales, myths and legends. Primarily a children's show it will also include public domain works by the likes of Lewis Carol and Edward Leer.
AS I make the transition from live, in-person work, to virtual performances, I will be relying more on technology. The money you donate to me through Patreon, helps off-set the costs of running a computer, new equipment when the old stuff breaks or becomes obsolete, more disc-drives for the video work to be stored and backed up. You pay when you buy an album of a band you like, you go to the cinema, to the movies or theatre which pays the actors, directors, editors, sound crew. I am a one man show, so I invite you to help support me whilst I provide quality content.
Be good out there, stay safe. Find your stories and share them. We all need to hear good tales.
Thank you.
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My first CD, Second-hand Tales, came out in 2006 to great reviews and one of the stories on it won an award. My second CD was released in 2008 and won Silver Honors with Parent's Choice and was honoured by Storytelling World. My third CD (more for teens and adults) was released in 2011 and won a Gold Award from Parent's Choice and won an award from Storytelling World. I recently released a fourth CD, but this was for older youths and adults.
I recorded an audio book/CD of the retelling of Gilgamesh designed for middle schools. It remains authentic to the original translations, but is appropriate. This, too, won a Gold Award from Parents' Choice.
I have been asked to release more of work, but have not been able to. All five recordings were made on a tight budget with a lot of help from friends. These friends are also hard working artists and I would like to be able to pay them for their work this time round.  It takes time and effort to create work like this, and there are also the costs involved in marketing it. As I try to reach a more national level of work I would greatly appreciate your help.
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