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Why, yes. You get to pay me to tell me how to write.

Something which i should usually dish out money myself to pay for proper teachers. I suppose this makes me a total scammer. 🤣😅


You get to ask me to allow you to comment and suggest stuff in my writing. You will need a Google account and you will have to ask Google to tell me that you want to comment on what i write.

Google will then tell you all about what i edit, how, when and other very stalker-like stuff. Welcome to the digital era.

But hey! On the plus side: you get to insult my idiocy.

  • remember to ask this guy if he wants to have editing/commentary rights on my stuff.




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About Simone Writes

This Patreon will be used to present W.I.P.s and discuss and analyse the hurdles of writing.

Please bear in mind this page will present a series of work in progress of novels or such. So anything you find here might horrify you.

Not because it's Horror-themed.

But because... being W.I.P.s they will necessarily suck.

The above should go without saying, but apparently it bears repeating. 🤣👍

This content has been marked as 18+ not because it will constantly contain sex scenes or people getting killed in gruesome ways. I am not a person that explores these themes as a basis of their production.

End products will be rather tame. I do not write for shock sensation.

But i do not wish to purge my Patreon of anything which might be considered "offensive" before i've decided what to do with it.

If i cannot discuss how to take a rather worrisome theme and make it palatable/usable for selling... it might as well be useless.

This intro is still a work in progress, more info will be presented...
...once i've finalised what i want to present here. 👍
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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