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Simon Harris - Campaigning for European Freedom!

When I first joined Patreon about three years ago, my interests were totally focused on the history, language and culture of Catalonia, the part of Spain where I have lived since 1988. I was the author of two books on the region, Going Native in Catalonia (2008) and Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective (2014), I had a reasonably successful Barcelona Tourism website at and hosted a weekly talk show on a local English radio station Barcelona FM called This Week in Catalonia.

This all changed in 2016 first with the vote on Brexit, when I realised that the United Kingdom's push for separate from the Europe Union was analogous to Catalonia's campaign for independence from Spain. Whether you agree with Brexit and Catalan Independence or not, both involve a question of sovereignty and the dissatisfaction of a large section of both populations with being ruled from Brussels and Madrid respectively.

The second important event was Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Election campaign, which made me finally decide that I could no longer describe myself as being on the left and led to me setting up my YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

I became active on YouTube in December 2016 and the content quickly progressed from discussing International Politics through anti-SJW issues to Islam and the Counter Jihad. At the end of 2017, I joined the dots first on Race Realism and then on the JQ, which led to a period investigating and writing about issues related to what could be loosely termed the Dissident Right.

My current position can probably be best described as a Truth Seeker with an honest fact-based approach to Politics, Demographics, Culture and History. I tend to take on politically incorrect subjects but hopefully the conclusions reached are fair and balanced.

At the time of writing (late October 2018), my main project revolves around an investigation into the Historical Background, Content and Implications of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which will hopefully result in a new self-published book with the working title "Project Protocols: A Blueprint for the Destruction of Western Civilisation" in the New Year.

I also upload to my Simon Harris BitChute account.

European Freedom Website

In May 2018, I set up the website as a place to document my research. The site now comprises four sections.

  • Main Blog ( This is where I publish my own articles and video scripts. I tend to write as much as possible because you never know when an article series can be turned into a book or a report. I have published a few articles by guest writers and am keen to publish more in the future. If you are interested in writing for us, the best way is to join the forum and get to know the topics of interest.
  • Forum ( We have a small but lively Forum where we discuss topics of interest. Everybody is welcome to join, although trolls and spammers get kicked off quite quicky.

European Freedom Publications
I launched European Freedom Publications in December 2018 and since then we have published four books.
  • The Conquest of the World bt the Jews by Major Osman Bey
  • The Myth of the Jewish Menace in World Affairs
  • The Protocols and World Revolution by Unknown Author
  • The Protocols: Centenary Edition

Your Support
The running costs for European Freedom are minimal but the site and the YouTube channel and the publishing project are pretty much a full time job, which means I can't work on other more profitable projects.

Most of my YouTube videos get immediately demonetised and then remonetised after a few days when they are receiving fewer views. Google have refused my application to monetise European Freedom using Google AdSense ads.

For this reason your support is much appreciated. Thank you.

* At the moment, I haven't made any Patreon-specific content but you're all very welcome on the Forum.

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Please donate a dollar a month to help me with my work in general and in return I'll mention your name on the sponsors page I'll create on my website
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