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Energising, visionary, deeply human, and full of hope, I believe that 18th century music has much to offer us, especially now.

I fell in love with it already as a child because of the way it made me feel. Smitten and in awe. It is wondrous, how this vibrant musical language explores, expresses and celebrates the human condition in such a beautiful, warm and inclusive way. In acknowledging and celebrating the emotions and sensations which we all share, it connects the earthy with the spiritual, the sensual with the intellectual. It has everything. 

Early on, I decided that I was going to devote my life to this music, and to sharing it with the world. I wanted to enrich lives with this music and its powerful message. I do that now as a violist, conductor/music director, programme creator and recording artist. Through research and artistic experimentation, I love offering modern audiences fresh perspectives on well-known works from the period, as well as bringing newly rediscovered musical gems to light. The Dutch radio once dubbed me the "Indiana Jones of the Baroque", and, whilst I don't have one of those hats, I do indeed love getting into a dusty archive, searching for musical gold, and subsequently sharing that with audiences around the world through concerts, tours, broadcasts and recordings (albums on disc, as well as high quality downloads and streaming). 

Following my recent albums JET SET! and GRAND TOUR, two of my new, large-scale projects include Garden of Eden and Heaven on Earth. These projects explore vital, contemporary themes including the intrinsic relationship between humanity and nature, and the importance of diversity in both human culture and in the natural environment. One project centres around Handel's cosmopolitan orchestral masterpiece, The Water Music, the other on uplifting Symphonies Pastoral.

Another, quite different project explores the 18th century foundations of the Gothic, delving deep into eternal human truths, including fear and desire. This highly multidisciplinary project aims to uncover the look and feel of the Gothic stage in the 18th century, examining music, plays, poetry, spoken word, art, horror shows, theatre sets and special effects from the period, then using that information to create a series of engaging new theatrical productions, concert programmes and albums.

I believe all these projects will offer highly valuable, inspiring and invigorating new insights to listeners around the world. But first ... the preparatory work. All of the above involves intense research and development, musical exploration, and more. 

I invite you to help me on my path by making a financial contribution, here and now, by becoming a patron. This will help me offset some of the substantial personal costs involved - travelling to the archives, museums, libraries, historical theatres and art collections spread throughout Europe, paying for expensive copies of priceless music manuscripts and other materials, and covering general living and studio costs during this whole process.

Your patronage will help me be able to bring this wonderful music to life and to share it with the world - on stage and through new albums. Thank you for your support in helping me make this happen. 

And no, it's not my car. :) 

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