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Who am I?

My name is Simon and I have been a video creator on the internet since 2010. Originally I started a YouTube account to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds apply to prestigious UK universities, giving the advice that I wish I'd been given when I successfully applied to Oxford University to study physics.

I have stayed in academia since then, earning my masters degree in physics from the University of Oxford, and my PhD in theoretical atmospheric physics from the University of Exeter. Along this journey I kept making videos, and found that not only did I enjoy the creative challenge of writing, producing, and releasing educational videos, but people seemed to enjoy what I made! I branched out from videos about university applications to cover my lifelong passions of science, music, and books. In particular I've made long form videos about the physics of the atmosphere and cryosphere, shorter videos about relativity and brains, and a long series of vlogs about life as a young researcher.

What is this page for?

I currently earn a small amount of money from YouTube's monetisation feature, but this is nowhere near enough to support me as a creator - while I work on my own and have very limited expenses (food, warmth, and internet, basically!) money from YouTube alone is still not enough to cover them. Presently I support myself by a combination of YouTube monetisation, accepting sponsors on my scientific videos, working with brands to do sponsored content, and of course this Patreon. My current series include:

  • A look at the lives of PhD students across the whole academic spectrum
  • Videos examining how the Earth's atmosphere and climate behave
  • Book reviews
  • Videos on energy and climate change

Presently this page provides a substantial fraction of my monthly income, though nowhere near enough to support me completely, even with YouTube ads. Crucially though compared to other sources of income like brand deals, the income from this page is regular and reliable - this makes the need to pay bills and rent every month much less stressful! So this Patreon forms a key part of allowing me to do what I do on the internet for free at the point of use. 

How can I help?

If you choose to support my video work then you can do so by donating a set amount per month - the number of videos I upload in a month can fluctuate from three to as many as ten, but no matter how many videos I upload your pledge will not be increased.

There are various Patreon perks available depending on the amount you are willing and able to donate. In particular if you donate more than $3 per month you'll get access to my Patreon feed, which will include:

  • Early access to videos
  • The most direct line of communication to me, should you wish to ask a question
  • Exclusive commentary tracks on my scientific videos, detailing how I make the special effects and write scripts
  • Occasional exclusive videos, including Q&As and behind the scenes


Thank you for reading this far! A brief summary of the above is:
  1. I am a scientist who has a passion for making geeky videos
  2. This page exists to allow me to pursue video making as my full-time job, working for you, the audience, for free
  3. If you would like to support my content then you can do so by donating a set amount per month, in exchange for rewards
I've consistently been blown away by the generous support I've received from my audience. I hope that if you choose to support my work too that I can create videos that will educate, entertain, and inspire you. It would be my pleasure.
$430.79 of $500 per month
Patreon effectively pays for one sponsored video slot a month, giving me one slot where I can experiment and make whatever video I want. Hopefully this will be worth it!
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