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About Simon R.

Hi <g>👋 How ya doin' ?!</g>

I'm Simon; proud owner of several hand-crafted open source libraries. Self-taught JS / TS engineer with a UX / UI passion who loves opensource / -collaboration.

My first project, java-express - a expressjs clone was the first thing I've published and actively maintained on GitHub. I never thought I'd ever get used by someone else besides me but I was wrong, and I love it! Although java-express is looking for a new maintainer it was the first achievement (can I call it that?) in the open-source community.
Shortly after that I started with pickr and selectionjs which are now both widely used and actively maintained by myself even though things are slowly getting difficult because of the rather old architecture.

There's also candy, a more or less "lightweight" (It supports video / audio encoding and is therefore rather heavy) desktop-app to download and convert YouTube videos, playlists and entire channels.

Other, cherry-picked project I'm working / worked on or are maintained by myself:
  • <g>⛓ Graceful WS - WebSocket wrapper and smaller alternative to which takes care of connection re-establishment and event encapsulation.</g>
  • <g>🍦 Nano Pop - Smaller and less-heavy positioning-engine as popper.js with a less-comfortable API but more control and performance. Useful for custom positioning widgets / libraries.</g>
  • <g>🗜 Nason - Ultra small object-to-binary encoder. Useful to serialized mixed js-objects with both text and binary data (such as images, audio or Typed Arrays).</g>
  • <g>💅 Sassyfication - A sassy sass library with many Utilities to speed up your workflow.</g>
  • <g>☕ - a blazing fast , install-able web-app to share and stream files instantly with focus on user experience / ease of use.</g>
Currently I'm working, together with @nateseymour, on an open-source alternative to openvpn-access-server. Check it out here - right now we're at the very beginning.
It's also possible to support me by buying me a coffee <g>☕</g>, patreon or directly :)
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When I reach 15 supporter, I'll will get more time to enhance and improve my open-source projects :)
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