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For $2 or more you get access to view everything I draw. On my Patreon you get the best look at my work. The works in progress, and the full size images that aren't on social media. This is my drawing channel.



About SimonWright

Hi. On my Patreon account you will see all the art work I create throughout each month. Some projects I can show you, some I can't depending on if I have permission from the person who is commissioning me. A lot of the art work will be my personal work and my experimental art work. I use a number of programs such as photoshop, cinema4d, zbrush and a few others to produce art work along with a wacom tablet. As an all round artist I like to dabble in everything so you will see many different pieces from a range of genres and industries being uploaded. I only have 1 tier at $2 per month which is very affordable. The idea is to gain many followers who appreciate my work with every dollar counting towards supporting my tools and time to produce great art for you.
Thank you for considering my drawing channel.

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Supporting this drawing channel is very helpful knowing people are interested in the work. It gives me a bonus purpose to keep creating and sharing my ideas with you. Keeping up with current software, tools and materials can be costly. This will help me keep making art for you. Thank you.
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