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Every little bit helps and I cant thank you all enough for even this generous donation.  It helps so much and helps build the foundation to take this further!  

Every penny that is donated goes straight back into the channel.  Allowing me to make more content for you.


- Ask questions in the Monthly Q&A on YouTube.

- Patreon Supporter Tag in Discord.

- Name in the EmuNation Credits.

- A big smile on our faces for your good deed.

Includes Discord benefits

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The Supporter Club gives you pride and place at the end of each Emu-Nation.  Your Names will be on the THANK YOU LIST on the end of each video with recognition that you have helped make that content possible.


- Your questions will be answered in the Monthly Q&A.

- Supporter Tag given in the Discord Server as recognition.

- Access to information about current builds I am working on.

- Name in the EmuNation credits.

Includes Discord benefits

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The VIP Club opens quite a few doors for you here as you are sooo generous!  This contribution REALLY helps the channel grow and allows me to add so much time to making more content.   Your Names will be on and read out on the THANK YOU LIST on the end of each video with recognition that you have helped make that content possible. Here is what you get...


 - Private VIP help room on Discord for Emulation and Game 1 on 1 help.   

- VIP Patreon Tag in Discord Server in the Discord Server as recognition. 

- Name read out and printed at end of each EmuNation for supporting it!

- Your questions will be answered in the Monthly Q&A.

- Access to information about current builds I am working on in Patreon only feed.

Includes Discord benefits




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About Simply Austin

Good 'Day Guys!
So welcome to my club, a chance and a place for you to support the channel and help it keep going and even push it forward!  I love creating and making video content for you guys.  It gives me so much joy to be involved in this scene and if my videos help or even make jjust one of you guys smile out there, then I have done my job!

I love Retro gaming, I love modern gaming, I just love gaming in general.  I love how it brings people together in a positive way in a hobby that just brings out the best in everyone.  I am a 39 year old man who has enough real life, bills and troubles just like everyone else.  I want to make my channel way to forget all that and let you feel like you did when you opened your favorite games as a kid for the first time.

Due to my content subjects and the way YouTube is with demonetization etc etc its hard for me to break even on what I create, I dont mind that as for me, this is about the love, than the profit in it all.  But just like you guys I do have bills to pay, mouths to feed and the boring commitments we have as adults.  So it means I can only make content when I have my free time.  

I started this Patreon Simply Austin Club to give you guys a chance to help out if you can.  Giving me a bit extra means I can dedicate more time to all this.  Means I can make more content.  But new games, new hardware and invest into new ideas that I can then share with you!  I have my Goals on here posted so you know where the money goes.  I will also keep you updated in my monthly Patreon videos to show you how the funds have been spent each month.  I have so many great Ideas I want to push, I have a dream of making this full time one day, but right now I will just do the best I can to share the good times with you.

I do not expect any money from you guys at all.  Although I very much welcome even the smallest donation into the Club.  To pay it back I have tried to make incentives to give you for your help.  Its not much but without putting things behind paywalls (I dont want to do), it the best I can come up with.

I hope in the future to add T'Shirts, Mugs, Game giveaways etc etc and I will bring these out as soon as I can source a reliable place. But for now if you ahev any ideas, would like me to action something or have any feedback at all... just let me know...

THIS CLUB, CHANNEL AND COMMUNITY IS YOURS, just as much as mine.  You tell me where you want to go,and I will take you on a merry journey!  Ooooh Rrrrr Me hearteys!
$24.94 of $320 per month
I want to be transparent with everyone on where the funds are going.  

As in the past, I have always been off-camera due to... well, the big reason.  But now I have been straight with you, I have nothing to hide anymore. 

I always wanted to make content to show more hardware.  Show you what you can make and what you can do with technology to bring the games into your home.  Sometimes extreme, sometimes super cheap depending on your scenario.  I got no issue paying for the parts to do this, as I get enjoyment making them plus I get to use them! (I love it!)  

But as I never been on camera, I ain't got a camera, only my phone.  I have tried using this to make content.  But this just doesn't cut it for the quality you deserve.  I have sourced the best cheapest camera I can use for Live Streams and Video content.  That is the Sony A5100 that is now about 6 years old and easily picked up for around £320 used in the UK.

I can go cheaper, but I lose quality or functions.  I could go more expensive, but its wasted on the content I need to make.

So right now that's where the funds are going and I thank you for every penny you can donate as it makes all this possible.

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