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About Simply Colorful Life

Welcome to the Patreon home for Simply Colorful Life!

Who am I?
Hi! My name is Jennie and I love to create mixed media art! Simply Colorful Life is my idea of finding beauty in the everyday, simple moments that culminate into one colorful, beautiful life and the joy in realizing these moments through art! 

I love to create art on my youtube channel to share while helping inspire others through tutorials and art demonstrations as well as relaxing content to enjoy after a long day.

So what are you doing here?
I am independent and no longer earn any money from youtube for the content I create there. I invest a great deal of time in planning, producing and editing the content I create. I also invest money in supplies as well as equipment to bring this show to life. 

While I absolutely love creating uplifting and inspiring content for my subscribers,  it is necessary to be sufficiently financed to continue putting in the time required to produce this content. 

Why not monetize on Youtube?
With Youtube's monetization model a creator typically only earns between $2-$5 per thousand views and viewers must click on ads away from the video. I think it's a benefit not to have to watch ads and unfortunately that model does not supply a creator enough income to sustain their content without hundreds of thousands of views consistently. For me, it feels like a win win to ask those who enjoy my content to help support the show while keeping the videos from being overrun with advertisements for them. 

How much time do you put into your channel though?
Creating this content and bringing you new and exciting videos is my full time job. I am a stay at home mother of 2 so when you support my independent work you are supporting the channel and my family. We thank you so much for appreciating my work, and being willing to support content that we hope inspires you and brings you joy!

What's in it for Me?
As a thank you for supporting Simply Colorful Life, I have created patreon rewards as well as independent content that is exclusive to my patreon supporters. I hope you absolutely love them. Also know, that as a patron, you are helping keep Simply Colorful Life on the air and that's awesome too!

What if I can't contribute?
I love all of my viewers and understand that some may not have the means to contribute to the show through my patreon. Please continue to watch,enjoy, and draw inspiration from the show! I appreciate every one of you and your support and likes and subscribes so very much. 

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read and consider becoming a Patron. 
Lots of love,

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I will do a real time (without time lapse) video of an art piece voted on by the community. Poll will be taken in a Youtube video when the time comes.
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