is creating maxis-match recolours and overrides
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(1) Unreleased Sets - I work in sets that I usually release over 5 days. Sets can be menswear, womenswear, daywear, summerwear, formal etc and will usually comprise of 5 items (with recolour or override versions).

(2) All-in-one Downloads - all items in a set will be available at the same time, in one post, rather than released over my normal 5 days.

(3)  Please feel free to request any items and patron requests will be given priority.

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(1) Individual recolours uploaded as soon as they are completed. I am usually working on several sets at a time and do not usually release recolours until the set is complete. For this tier, I will upload individual items as soon as they are completed, rather than waiting for a complete set.

(2) There will be a monthly post that will be edited as soon as a recolour is completed, so you can check in daily to find new items uploaded.

(3)  Please feel free to request any recolours and patron requests will be given priority.

Freezer Bunnies
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(1)  Freezer Bunnies will get the same benefits as Gnomes but will also have access to my personal-only recolours. These are items I will not release because they have addiditonal swatches that are not credited (for example, I may add swatches from other creators who recolour the same item, such as shoes). I usually add these swatches for my own personal use, rather than having 2 of the same recolours in my game).

(2)  Each new Freezer Bunny may request a recolour set (of 5 items), which will be released early to all Freezer Bunnies before being released as a normal set.



About sims4sue

I create sims 4 recolours and they will always be free with no ads. I currently release 5 recolours per week and this will not change now that I am on patreon. My recolours will continue to be posted on tumblr ( but you can also download my recolours here on patreon.

Why have I decided to move to patreon? Quite simply I need a new computer and as a disabled person my computer is literally my lifeline and I would be lost without it. If I lose my computer and my photoshop I would be unable to continue with playing or creating for sims 4. If you can help me then I would be very grateful. If you cannot then do not worry, you will not lose out on any of my recolours.

There will be no posts on tumblr showing what early releases my patrons get, because I would hate to upset people who are not able to support me (I know how it makes me feel because I cannot afford to support others and wish they wouldn't show us what we are missing out on).

Because I am disabled there are times I cannot create and for this reason I stay well ahead of myself so that I can continue to post 5 days a week and queue posts for the week. This is why, if you do decide to become a patron you will get early access to the creations that I have not yet released. This will be in the form of links to my completed content, which is not yet due to be released. This will include all-in-one downloads of weekly sets, rather than the day-by-day downloads on my tumblr. Also, anyone can request recolours but in the event that I have a large number of requests then I will give priority to patreon requests.

I hope that whether you can support me or not you will continue to enjoy my recolours.
Thank you, Sue <3

edit: I am sorry that I have had to start charging up-front but other people are taking advantage of the early release and then cancel payment. Last month was 1 person, this month it was 3 people out of 5 patrons :(

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