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This Patreon page is dedicated to home cockpit building hobby and provides all news about  "SimVimCockpit" - friendly Input/Output interface for flight simulator, which began just as a personal activity and then became a public project with the intention to help all home cockpit builders.

The SimVim Plugin, firmware and panels allow you to easily build your home cockpit, and enjoy the process of creating, rather than drowning in programming and electronics.
If the information from the SimVim website is useful for you, and the SimVimCockpit interface is exactly what you need to create your home simulator, then this Patreon page is an opportunity to sign up and show your appreciation with small  gift.

Note: donate only an amount that is affordable for you, you can lower your monthly donation down   or stop it right after a single one-time  donation, or raise it at any time.
SimVimCockpit Interface will stay free, non-commercial, and any donations are highly appreciated! Many of you are long-time patrons, and this is very generous help, thank you all !!!

All needed technical information about using different devices, DIY tips, and other useful info you can learn from the SImVim website that intended to become am educational resource for home cockpit builders.

Vlad (and son Roman) 
DOWNLOAD SimVimCockpit below (latest version)

Note: You can freely download the working versions of the SimVimCockpit and SimVimPanel, just scroll down to the earlier posts.

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