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About me

I'm Sin, I draw, welcome to the sinDRAWS Patreon page.
I draw character illustrations, comics and do an occasional time-lapsed drawing video every now and then. Maybe some side stuff on the occasion like 3D or animations.

Currently I'm primarily doing a comedic Pokemon web comic called "The Wandering Grunt". The premise is that a former Rocket grunt is wandering around on his own sort of adventure years after the collapse of Team Rocket. The pokemon he has gathered so far are all troublemakers in their own way but very much reflect their trainer's very incompetent and hot-headed personality. If all goes well, I'll keep expanding into the character's past, present and future and develop that world further. I hope you will all enjoy reading my pages and that they will get a chuckle out of you.

In a perfect world, I would like to be able to work on my comic without having to rely on commissions and side jobs to get food and pay the bills, and eventually be able to produce pages at a regular pace without the constant disruptions life throws at me on a daily basis. I hope that I can get a readership big enough to realize that kind of life. #eventually

In any case, you can find me and my work through any of my listed social media links:
If at any time you would like to commission me, please get in contact with me and we can discuss things further. And of course, if you cannot support me through Patreon or commissions, then please consider spreading the word around, I will always highly appreciate it.

Thank you kindly for your time and support, I hope you will enjoy my work.

Rewards breakdown

When I started this Patreon, I was in a very different place, literally and figuratively, so a lot of things I used to be able to do have slowly gone away due to living conditions and family situations. So while I cannot offer much in terms of rewards or benefits, I'll do what I can.

I will probably not post any artwork directly to Patreon from now on and will leave that to the galleries and social media I already run. Instead I'll most likely post only important updates, announcements and community choice stuff. I don't really want to paywall any content. Also, while I do sometimes draw mild NSFW artwork on the side, it's not part of my primary purpose, nor do I connect any of it to my Patreon as is.

--Scout Tier--

  • Ability to vote on illustration polls.
Any time there's a character illustration poll announced, you will have the ability to vote for your preferred character or characters. It's usually not limited to one. Unless there's few choices.

  • Patron role in the Discord server with access to the patron-only chatroom.
Those in my Discord server will receive a Patron role, which will make it easier for me to pick you out from the rest and you will receive access to the patron-only chatroom where we can discuss issues or things that come up in regards to Patreon.

--Hunter Tier--

  • Scout tier rewards.
Everything that the Scout tier offers, applies here as well.

  • Participate in community events and streams.
Any time I host a community event like a request stream, all Hunter tier patrons will be notified and those who wish to participate can do so. In the case of a request stream, I will usually roll a randomly generated order of participating patrons and a select number of them will get a sketch request during the stream. The participating patrons will need to provide me with references in advance as to not hold up the stream.

  • Extra role along with the Patron role in the Discord server.
As with the Patron role, the Hunter role will make it easier to pick you out whenever I need to ping the participating group for events.

--Apprentice Tier--

  • Scout and Hunter tier rewards.
Everything that the Scout and Hunter tiers offer, applies here as well.

  • Art workshops in Discord for 1.5 hours, 4 times a month.
Once a week we can do an art workshop over a Discord call for an average of about 1.5 hours. Normally we can just agree to a week day and time that works for the both of us, factoring in time zones and free time - these can obviously change upon circumstance, especially if you work a hectic schedule on the side. During these workshops we can either discuss a multitude of things, figure out personal goals for you and how to work towards them, or simply use the dedicated time to work on whatever you need to work on.

  • Setting personal goals and working towards them.
First things first - I'm not here to be your motivator and I will not magically make you good at art over a short period of time. You need to bring your own resolve and motivation to these workshops to get things done - I can't make you hold your pencil. You will also need to do things outside these workshops to grow and the more often you do it, the better you'll become. All I can do is help you with your pace and help you figure out what you're trying to achieve, where and with what you want to end up.

Starting out we will figure out what your level is and whether you need to work on something in particular or whether you have some sort of project that you want to work towards. We may start with one thing but end up doing something completely different - as we go on, you might figure some things out and adjust accordingly. Sometimes shifting projects on occasion helps people as well, as to not get things stale. But always keep a goal in mind that you can work towards. Simple "git gud" is not a workable goal - if that's your goal then we'll just end up doing my repetition exercise until you "git gud".

  • Introduction to my workflow, methods and tools.
We all have preferred methods of work, preferred software and techniques and so one, so I can always introduce you to mine. I do change how I do things over with time as I'm always learning new things myself, but if what I've accumulated can help you, I'm willing to share my experiences - whether it's in traditional artwork, digital art or even something else, like 3D techniques.

  • Learn how to progress through repetition and patience.
Along with workshops (or during them) I would insist that you practice drawing through repetition. Drawing, like any skill or job, is learned by getting used to repeated tasks. People learn a song by repeating it. You get better at your job by doing the same daily tasks. It's no different here - the exercise is copying (not tracing) existing pictures to learn from the art style, the anatomy, the shapes, clothing choices, structures or whatever else is in the picture. You need to build an understanding of it in your brain - a blueprint so to say. Copying the same picture or aspects of it several times in a row will build up your understanding of what you're copying, making it easier to identify what mistakes you're making with each attempt and improve on them. This exercise is boring and requires patience, but there's no denying the benefit you get from it.

  • Direct feedback and critique, project brainstorming sessions.
Basically, I can give you critique, corrections and adjustments for the stuff you draw or do. Whatever you're having trouble with, it's always better to have more heads active than one and you or I might end up suggesting something during a discussion that might have been glaring you in the face but you ended up missing somehow on your own. Maybe a conversation is all you need to get further out of whatever's blocking your progress.

  • Use workshops as dedicated time to work on your project.
Sometimes you don't have the time or energy to work on your stuff due to something else interfering in your life. Maybe it's a job, maybe it's family, maybe it's something else. Point is, you can't set aside the time to work on your project or it might be that you can't come up with something that you want to learn that week - it's perfectly okay to use this time to get some work done. Something done is better than wasted time.

--Collector Tier--

  • Scout and Hunter tier rewards.
Everything that the Scout and Hunter tiers offer, applies here as well.

  • Monthly digital or traditional character illustration.
I can draw a character of your choice once per month, whether the illustration is traditional or digital is completely up to you - both have their own benefits. With traditional you have the option to keep it in your possession and with digital there's less chances of mistakes occurring.

  • Traditional piece can be sent to your home address to keep.
If you provide your postal address, I can send the traditional illustration to you for keeps, exactly what it says. This does not apply to digital illustrations.


There's no point in being the legendary Gregg other than to be the legend.
$23.62 of $118.73 per month
I'll be able to invest more money into art supplies, replacements, hardware and software, and generally improve my working conditions. Living costs will become a little easier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 217 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 217 exclusive posts

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