Lyn is creating YouTube Videos and A Live Stream For Your Entertainment

Tier 1

$1 /mo
Even if this seems like a small amount, it can really add up in the end. I appreciate it regardless! 

You will get: 
  • Links to YouTube videos at least a day before they are officially released.

Tier 2

$5 /mo
This is basically the same as subscribing to my Twitch channel!

You will get the previous reward plus: 
  • A special Patreon ranking on Discord which includes a secret Patron only Di...

Tier 3

$10 /mo
You will get everything listed above as well as:
  • A heartfelt thank you from me whether it be verbally or through a message.
  • Added to my friends list on LoL/Overwatch/etc, and the ...

Tier 4

$25 /mo
 You will get the previous reward plus: 
  • A monthly polaroid picture of my cats, Jarvan Lightshield IV and Keanu

Tier 5

$50 /mo

You get all the previous listed goodies and: 

  • A custom shirt bleached for you each month. This can be shipped internationally. Pictures of past shirts can be found here: