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is creating A platform for single mothers who want financial freedom
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Attention Financial Freedom Fighters!
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I'm offering you the chance to pick the next topic for my blog Single Moms Staying Home.  The topic you choose must be related to helping single mothers who want to work from home and become stay-at-home moms.  I will research your topic, write it and then post it on my blog.  I will also include your name as a thank-you for your support of my work.
Let's Hear it for The Mompreneurs!
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If you are a mompreneur, I will write a featured post about you and your company on my blog.  I especially welcome brand new mompreneurs since this falls within my mission to inspire moms to create their own sources of income and leave the rat race behind.
I'll Be Your Guest Blogger
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If you have a blog that deals with single parenting, frugal living, personal finance, homeschooling, and motherhood in general, I can write a guest post for you. You name the topic and I'll write on it for your blog.




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About Thea English

I'm Thea Theresa English, and I operate a blog, Single Moms Staying Home.  My mission and purpose of my online platform is to help single mothers seek out creative and profitable ways to earn adequate income so that they can come home to their children full-time. I'm a single mother who grew frustrated with the rat race and am now in the process of making long-term changes so that I can stay home and be a more present parent.
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I'm looking to have ten patrons at the end of this month.  This will help me grow a community of people who support my mission to use my work as a platform for single mothers seeking to stay home with their kids while working from home.
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