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About Sing Song

Hi there!
We create great quality free for all content to help children learn and explore through song and play. Everything from digital experiences to videos and physical resources (eg: free worksheets for kids), that can be easily shared among teachers, parents and educational enthusiasts.
Some samples below (everything is available to everyone though if you go through the posts)

Why do we do this?
We do this because we know that teachers are overworked, underpaid and deal with a landfill of admin. We know that parents want the best for their kids and need some quality content that's readily accessible and curated.

What do we need to keep doing this?
We could sell the content, however we don't believe that everyone can always afford quality content, so we ask for only those who are able to spare some dollars support us to continue helping everyone. It's a crazy business model we know, but we believe that you are just like us and believe that everyone should have easy to access to quality content.

How can I help if I cant afford a donation?
1) Subscribe to our YouTube channel.
2) Join our Facebook Page and Group, and contribute ideas and feedback.
3) Share these pages with your friends, teachers and parents.

The content is free and available to everyone and your ongoing support helps us create more quality content that all the children, teachers and parents can use and share without limitation.

Creating content takes time and money and supporting us helps us create more content that will be available to everyone, especially those who cannot afford quality educational materials.

Here is a video example:

Here is some resources examples:

We are always open to suggestions on content, rewards and feedback from the community, after all you are the reason we are doing this.

Thank you, for taking the time to read our story and support our cause!

We look forward to making more content for everyone!
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When we reach a $250 dollars a month, we will create a new, free for everyone, Pre-K level printable worksheet every two weeks.
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