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About Singular MARS

Hey everyone!

My name is Javier Rivera, a mechatronics engineer that just started a business with big dreams, like making electric vehicles available to everyone (and not just cars - planes and ships too!), tackling climate change and taking part in the colonization of Mars, to name a few.

Some of the projects I intend to take on won't be profitable (humanitarian or environmental causes) or ridiculously expensive (put a permanent base on the moon) but I believe that if society stops looking at financial profit and if we collaborate instead of compete we can accomplish anything.

That's where YOU come in. With your generous donations you are helping towards creating a better future, investing in R&D, taking care of the planet and taking part on the exciting future ahead. 

On my part, I vow to forgo a high paying salary, for the benefit of the greater cause. I will release my designs open source, whenever possible. I will keep you, patrons, updated every month on where your money is going, regardless of your contributions. I will work hard and invest my own assets and profits first to achieve these goals. 

Current projects that you'll be supporting:

Investments made with your help:

Past projects supported:
  • London Hackspace. Not-for-profit collaborative workshop. (£15/month x 3 months)
  • UoS Lunar Hopper and other University groups working on electric Formula One cars and electric motorbikes.
  • Greenpeace UK. Fighting for the environment (£3/month)

Many thanks for your support!
Let the future begin.
Singular MARS
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First things first! I'll give back the first $5 to different causes / not-for-profit organizations / open source projects / other patreon creators.
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