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I'm living in a small Karstian village, surrounded by cows, goats, horses and sheep. I grow herbs, vegetables and fruit trees, I have a bunch of crazy cats, and seriously considering extending my current household with a family of geese, expect more updates on that matter in the future...

Next to that, my greatest passion is making games, but not just any kind of games. What I want to create are games that are against or orthogonal to the norm, experimentative and opaque in regards to their mechanics and rules, in other words, I would like to create games that feel alive and organic.

So far, I have made many attempts, some better, some worse. I've been doing this since I was 12 years old, so I have nearly 30 years of experience, but I'm still learning. I have many games to show and even more of them lost in time (it was not quite as easy to save one's digital creations 30 years ago than it is nowadays).

Still I want to make more games, different games, more advanced and more complex because in hidden complexity lies the organic, the life. My games are far from being any kind of commercial success so in order to support them, I mostly rely on donations and keep my games freely accessible. Some of them are not entirely unknown but in comparison with the time and effort I have invested, the pay-off is disproportionaly tiny.

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