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Support our creation and writing of the book by becoming our Patreon. Thank you :-)
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About Susanne and Urs

"Mindset and philosophy of the regenerative human being"

- Working title -

Our book is all about the launch of the new and yet unknown future of human life. It is about the mindset it takes to create, explore and pioneer this world of new wonders of living, mind development, co-creation, co-operation and reaching spheres no generation has gone before, where humans are the solution and technologies valuable supporting tools. - Susanne and Urs

Everything starts with a blank page. There is no white, black, red or yellow, no Africans, Americans, Asians or Europeans on the page. There are no countries, religions or economic systems. There are no restrictions or exclusivities on the page. It is empty. And this is the starting point for the regenerative human being and entrepreneur with the awareness that there is the Earth, a planet in the vast space of the cosmos on which millions of life forms live, of which humanity is one, our human family.

We humans have the spirit of the pioneer and the explorer. We have the mind that strives to create and discover. We want to find new places to go to. As a regenerative human being and entrepreneur, this is where acting as a pioneer begins in its most beautiful, sustainable and regenerative way. The human being himself becomes the explorer, designer and innovator of the future of human life on Earth. The regenerative mind uses its limitless abilities to create a peaceful, co-creative, co-operative and caring space for the human family. It wants to explore life in its fullest form, with solutions we do not yet know today. At the same time, the regenerative mind is fully aware that we are part of the Earth ecosystem and that future generations have the same right to live a good life as long as the Earth can naturally accommodate the human family on its surface.

However, today almost all people do not have educated and trained regenerative thinking and acting. Most people are greatly limited both in time and spiritually. That is due to their labels and self-imposed limitations, the educational systems and the pressures from the business world. These influences dampen the abilities to pioneer, explore, create and shape the future of humanity free from all the tensions we have today.

The foundation of education and training for people to become regenerative is the map of the human mindset and psychology it takes to create the new world, thus ensure that what we do today will serve our children many generations to come.

With our book, we will show you this map and what it takes to become the pioneer and explorer of the future of humanity.

  • 1996: Studie of behavioural science
  • Since 2003: Studies of the Buddhist philosophy with the focus on the Abhidhamma (The philosophical psychology of Buddhism) and Altruism
  • 2005 to 2016: Assistant to Esther Kägi's Systemic Family Constellation Programm
  • Since 2010: Holacracy practitioner
  • Since 2015: UTheory of the MIT Presencing Institute
  • 2019 to 2020: Living in a Buddhist monastery
  • Last but not least: living in and with mother Nature

This book project is part of the SinnAtelier.

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