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A serious thank you to all of my level one supporters.  Little Lorna does her dance and you are happy to throw this hard working girl a buck!

I know it doesn't sound like much but just a buck a month that you're throwing in my tip jar but all of those little tips make such a huge difference. 

You guys are the ones who keep me wanting to develop new techniques, equipment and skills and ask for very little in return.  Love you all!!!

  • Access to illustrations and comic panel pencils and all public drawings and big wet kisses from Little Lorna.
  • "Supporter" role of Spinner High School (Discord Chat)
  • Carry over any ßß (Booby Bucks) banked.
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This level is for the one who loves Little Lorna stories and doesn't need all of the pretty colors.  You will get to read all of the future comics in glorious Black and White!

Little Lorna will once in a while leave her drapes open and you will get to see why everyone loves Little Lorna!

  • Access to illustrations and drawings and pencils.
  • Finished comics in black and white.
  • "Supporter" role on Discord Chat.
  • Carry over any ßß (Booby Bucks) banked.
Includes Discord benefits
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$5 - The Heavy Petters

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Oh!  You get to look at all of the goods!  This tier is for those who want to be able to see everything and get an extended roll on my discord chat without the booby bucks.

At this level of support, I am more than happy to share all that that you all of the comic pages in their full color glory as well as illustrations, cartoons, sketches or whatever else I create here.

  • Access to illustrations and drawings.
  • Finished penciled and inked comic pages.
  • Finished FULL COLOR Comic Pages.
  • "Parents" role at Spinner High School (Discord Chat)
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About Julia Sinope



I'm pretty sure if you have been interested in the genre of erotic comics, you have seen my art all over the web.  Yes!  You found me!  I have been drawing erotic comics since 2005 and creator of the best selling Little Lorna series.  I approach my art with humour and cuteness as I believe that sex and laughter is so much better than violence and anger.  I touch on all sorts of taboos in a light hearted manner and do hope you have fun seeing my art and reading my comics.

Erotic art is being pushed to the far corners of the web so it is nearly impossible to keep this art going.  Over my years I have seen so many artists just disappear and sites are being shutting down all of the time.  I realize in this business, you can find erotic art for free but please consider throwing a small $1 or $5 support in appreciation to all of the artists and have pride in knowing you're doing a HUGE part in keeping this genre alive.

Supporters will have access to everything I have posted from the beginning.  I do not believe in sending reward packages which only limits supporters to anything created going forward. You get access to EVERYTHING in your support level of ALL of my postings from when I started Patreon.

If you are here for the first time there is going to be a lot for you to catch up on so lucky you!  To help things out I have tagged all of my posts (under the link "Posts").  As well, here are some links to the projects/comics/series but it’s much easier if you go to my discord feed as this is not updated very often.

(each in different stages of development and page counts)
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Personally requested bonus content is an EXCLUSIVE perk of being a Patreon supporter.  Supporters can also obtain Booby Bucks (BB) every month that can be redeemed for a specific request for my feed!  BB can only be carried over if you are still a supporter so if you would like to pause support (hopefully to support another artist for that month) reducing your support to $1 will carry them over until you are ready to start collecting them again.  

I'm not primarily a commission artist so these BB are just for fun and for prestige and for me to show my appreciation for your support.  If you have an idea that you would like sketched this is a fun way to get it done for you!  Please do not subscribe at BB levels to get commissions.  If you would like a commission, please contact me personally.

  • 24BB-SEXY PINUP - A personal digital pencil art of your choice of a single character. This can be one of my characters or maybe fan art of a character you admire! Characters under 18 will be drawn clothed (mostly) and in non sexual situations
  • 36BB-CLEAN PENCIL SKETCH - A personal digital pencil art of your choice! Since love is better in pairs, this includes two characters.
  • 24BB - Additional character in the sketch
  • 21BB - INK AND COLOUR A PREVIOUS SKETCH - Is there a sketch that you really would like to see finished in ink and colours fit for print or to use as background art? This can include any of the sketches for requests, commissions, diary drawings or comic book panels.

COMING SOON... Use your BB to purchase a limited NFT digital print run of some of my comics and trading cards.  You will receive a digital file of your purchase as well as an NFT token to trade the "original".  Each comic will be limited in quantity.

NOTE: BB have no cash value and the BB can be cancelled at any time. Value of BB will be adjusted in every year as commission values go up with inflation/value/quality etc.
100% complete
At this point all of you have voted with your dollars that you want to see more comics.  I will start on a Patreon exclusive comic for YOU only.  Different levels of presentation for different levels of support but everyone will eventually get to see it every month.  At this level of funding, pages will only be coming once or twice a month.
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