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This tier is called the helper tier for that fact, being a traditional artist is unfortunately really expensive, Also with this tier you will get 15% off prints and original pieces.

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With this tier I will be creating a unique illustration each month and making a limited number of 11 x 17 prints of said illustration and the number of prints is limited to how many Print Tier members there are. I will not reprint or recreate them in the future. Along with this tier you will also receive 10% off any other prints or original pieces.

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This tier is for one individual only, This person will be receiving the original piece that was created for the print of the month and will be also receiving a unique print of said illustration that is different from the others both will be 1 of 1.




Hey there, My name is Chinh Potter or you can call me Sin either one is fine. I am here on Patreon to be able to keep creating fantastic works and bring those creations to the masses. A little about myself I am a self taught artist that works professionally as a freelance illustrator for some of  your favorite properties from comic books to games I have probably scribbled a bit on one or two. I have a fine arts background and I am proficient in all illustration art forms but i primarily use traditional pen, ink, and water colors to make my creations. I have always believed art is always better when able to be touched and interacted with thus is why I keep most of my work in a traditional platform, and by you becoming a contributor to my Patreon you will be helping me keep creating and possibly get your hands on some limited edition prints and/ or original pieces of art work. Enjoy folks!

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