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About SinSeer

Look, I actually AM, by all definitions crazy. I have 9,600 hours in game now, and I don't make, well, really any money anymore. I've lived all my life with 'issues' - and multiple words and diagnosis have been thrown around by now, starting with 'depression' when I was in my teens, and now also including the most recent ones 'bi polar', which surprised me a little, but sure would explain a lot!

I do live on the edge of poverty, because yes, I am technically disabled. I don't like that word very much, but I don't get along well with others. So while I love making these videos, I do accept donations! 

I set this Patreon account up ages ago, it's barely been used, but every time it has, it's helped me a lot. Thank you so much - the only way I was able to afford my first month of Fallout 1st was because of a Patreon, so thanks again!!!

I'll be posting my Fallout 76 videos here, but I think I have another story I have to get out of me too, I hope you can ignore the crazy clown if it bothers you too much! It's easy to do!

If you're wondering why so many people seem to hate me, here's a short timeline!

This is all started because

1) Our mature community did not want to play with people who are overly sexual on voice chat, as some of them have children. Sinister Hand - aka SH Games decided I was the devil, because I did not like him. So he started lying about many of you to me, with a video, and asking his discord hacker friends to harass us.

2) SH Games sent thegeminaii - a hacker who duplicates items for real money, to sell for profit, to harass us. thegeminiaii and 3 of his little friends, including 'illundis' the impersonator stalker then drew swastikas all over peoples houses in-game, using stolen dev-room paint guns.

3) I recorded this, they knew this - so they got their discord of hackers and dataminers to track me down, doxx me, and make threats to my family - which thegemninaii, leader of the dupers r us hacker real money trader group, admitted to here:

4) thegeminaii, illundis, rincewind75, vurkrin, toecutter and more banded together, to make fake accounts that looked similar to my name in-game - and play racist sound clips, and other disgusting things. They also made a fake reddit account to make me look bad.

5) I was banned from Reddit Fallout Network Discord because theses people caused problems, and lied - but in the end, because I did not answer their all-powerful mods quick enough, while I was live-streaming my game for the public.

6) The rest of you believed these names, and joined in.

I never ever doxxed anyone - that is all a lie.

I HAVE been doxxed. My family HAS been threatened over the phone. I DID contact the police and Bethesda

Love, always,


My Main Site is at - Check it out for all The Fallout 76 Info. It's my blog.
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Computer Hardware - I could REALLY, REALLY, REALLY use more system ram and a better video card to make the video quality better!
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