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Thank you so much!!

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Thank you so much!

You can get the some Futanari sketch.

You can see and get the Ftanari art making process.

You can get the finished large size Futanari Arts in this my patreon page. (.jpg)

I am so glad!! Thank you!

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I am so glad!! Thank you!
You can see the same information and pictures as $ 5.
However I can get a lot of help from you. thank you very much.




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About siranui

Hello everyone. I am siranui.
I am a futanari artist.
I am doing activities spreading futanari's beauty
and splendor for peace all over the world.
Futanari is a presence that has affirmed all of humanity and all of the men and women.
I am drawing figure that embodies all of the affirmation of humanity
that androgynous and Futanari.
I am painting Futanari for peace of the world.

I am creating Futanari art
-I am creating Futanari in, illustration,
-life size futanari art, Live painting,
-futanari doujinshi, manga,
-futanari illustration commissions,
-participating at Art event with my Futanari art works,

My Futanari art work
● Life-sized big futanari painting of 220 cm × 61 cm size.

I am creating a life-sized big futanari painting for 100 people,
I am exhibiting at art-related events and galleries. 

●Futanari Live Painting

I am doing Futanari Live painting in night event and Art event.
I use red pen and large paper.
red pen=Red=woman

●Futanari Doujinshi
I draw doujinshi and manga with the theme of futanari.

●Futanari commissions
I have resumed accepting commissions.
I only draw futanari and androgynous works.
-Line art 100$
-Full color one character painting 300$
with background +100$
plus one another character +100$

● The scope of activities is not only in Japan but all over the world.
By presenting my work, I convey the thoughts and wonderful of hermaphrodite and futanari.

Various information will be published on this support site.
-Sketches and works in progress.
-The completed art work.
-Futanari Doujinshi Manga manuscript, rough sketch.
-Futanari illustrations
-A diary about production and futanari.
-Announcement of activity schedule.
-"Exploring another world in Tokyo" will also be serialized and posted.
Articles about art and androgynous, mainly in Tokyo, Japan.
Introduction of futanari and otaku culture.
Introducing one side of an abnormal city full of fetishism.
I look forward to your support.

Your supports
I need your support.
I am going to use your support for the production,
material, printing and transportation costs of the Futanari.
With your support, I can make a wonderful futanari
and spread it to more people.

mail: [email protected]
$4.66 of $700 per month
I create new original Futanari Art with some futanari sketches in every month.
and I participate at Art event with my Futanari Art.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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