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About Selena IR Drake

Dear Patron,

I am thrilled that you've taken the time to consider funding my writing and art projects. With four separate fiction series and a ton of words waiting to be written, having a contributor like you will be a great help in keeping me motivated.

As a contributor, you'll enjoy the benefits of:
  • Early release dates
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  • And let's not forget the good feeling that comes from helping someone who is struggling

A little about the pending projects...

Dragon Diaries
  • This is a high fantasy saga told from the perspective of the Dragon Keepers, young men and women who have the ability to summon dragons.
  • The first two books of this series, Ascension and Culmination, have already been published. The other six have been rough drafted.
Mars Chronicles
  • This series is science fiction to the extreme, and takes place on a terraformed and corrupt Mars in the not-to-distant future.
  • Several ideas have been put to paper for this series, but nothing has been written yet.
Tomes of Rishai
  • This series will merge Dragon Diaries and Mars Chronicles, and bring the whole series to an epic conclusion.
The AEON Files
  • This is a paranormal mystery series told from the perspective of a young girl named Jinx.
  • The first four books in the series, The Archfiend Artifact, The Lycan Pharaoh, The Lullaby Shriek, and The Bone Prophet have already been published. 
  • The fifth book in the series, The Sovereign Flame, is currently in the works.

Your contribution really helps!
Even the smallest donation will help to keep me motivated to write. And with that motivation, my hopes of inspiring future generations to create and strive for their dreams grows one step closer.

Now then, how about we get the ink flowing?

Thank you,
Selena IR Drake
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I have a much easier time writing in a public setting than I do at home. I suspect this is due to the repeated interruptions and distractions. Problem is, I live out in the boonies, and going into town is a production. So this first goal will get me a Me Day; Sandwich and coffee at my favorite little haunt downtown.

This will boost my morale and get me some space to actually work.
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