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I created to be a place of self-discovery, a source of sissy hypnosis and training material. I was getting more and more frustrated by other sites crammed with ads, popups, survey spam, and other nonsense - so I built!

I was constantly finding that videos hosted on some websites would get taken down, links kept disappearing, and some sites didn't work very well on mobiles. So was born, a place for me to share the training content I've collected over the years. I wanted to create something that was fast and worked well across all modern devices. I think I've managed to do that, I'd love your feedback on ways I can improve the site, its a resource for us all!

My honest intention is to always keep this site running as a free and open resource, no charging for subscriptions, no ads plastered everywhere, and no forced registration. I want you all to be able to jump in and jump out as easily as possible.

To do this, I need your support!

Why Donate/Support Me?

Unlike many other sites out there, all of the content, videos, audio files, images, everything you see and enjoy, is hosted on the server. I don't simply link to a video or audio file on another site or blog, I have keep all content on the server. This is costly, not just storage space, but also in bandwidth and hosting costs.

It also takes a lot of my time to update the content, and keep this resource growing. isn't "just another Wordpress site", i've built everything myself, to keep things fast and clean.

We will all benefit as the site grows.
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When I reach $100 per month, I'll work on the Sissy Audio section, organising and making available the collection of audio hypnosis files that I've collected over the years.
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