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+++ Good Egg Award +++
You’ve done a good deed and you’ve also made two comic creators very happy! Thank you so much! This tier entitles you to vote in Patreon-only polls, where...

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+++ Patron of the Arts Award+++
Wow, thank you so much! For your pledge, you get a Patreon-exclusive monthly wallpaper!

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Hot dog! For your pledge, you get the exclusive wallpaper and access to Patreon-only concept art, early pages when available, and an inside look on page progress!

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+++ Penpal Award+++
Get all the goodies listed in previous pledges, as well as a monthly handwritten postcard from Ash and Yamino! Upon this postcard Ash will write you a heart...

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xxx NSFW Award xxx
Oh my! This tier gives you a VIP pass to a special private livestream where you can request NSFW drawings. Unlike the main public livestream channel, these ...

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xxx Double Your Fun Award xxx
Same as the NSFW Award, but you get a personal handwritten and doodled postcard from us, too! Funkin’ awesome!

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+++ Storyteller Award +++
Ash will write you ONE short story per month (approximately 500 words) featuring canon Sister Claire characters of your choice! You m...

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+++ Claire-ify me, Captain! +++
Get a cameo in Sister Claire as a NUN or a WITCH!
Have you always wanted to be in Sister Claire? Here’s your chance! We have a big sc...