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Hello! I'm Lohla.
I do a lot of things, but the one that everyone in my life will tell you I'm hands-down, unmatched the best at is astrology. Reading charts? Interpreting events? Telling you about how you're feeling or what just happened to you without you saying a word? I'm the one you're looking for. I've been doing it casually for well over a decade, like since I was a kid. Then, in my teens, I accidentally invented zodiac memes. (I'm sorry.) Then right after that, I realized I had so much more to bring to the world than memes, and astrology had so much more to bring to people's lives than memes, and I started writing about it. 

My writing about the stars has moved homes a lot over the past five years, but now it's settled down at http://www.sitaradidi.com, and here on Patreon. I'll be able to share articles with you that teach you about current transits going on in the stars and how I think they'll affect general dynamics in relationships and the world at large. These can be anything from outer planet movements, to general horoscopes, to short analyses on current events, pop culture and politics, to some quick astrology lessons and debunking.

My goal? If enough people support my work and want to hear my insights, I'll be writing horoscopes regularly...and inching closer to my other 500 plans for this project. 

Cool. I'd love to support you. How much am I supposed to pay you? How does this work?
When you become a patron, you get to tell Patreon how much $ you want me to get per creation I write. You can set a top number that Patreon won't go over per month, too. That way, you never get charged a sudden and weird amount because I was like really chatty that month or something.

As of right now, I am working on educational series that I will release in bundles, so just set a per-creation amount that you'd like to tip me or a monthly limit that you're comfortable with. You only ever get charged as long as I'm producing work! By pledging, you'll also help me be able to devote my time and resources to writing horoscopes and other timely, personalized guides to what's going on in the stars right now.

Is it really a big deal if I'm a patron or not?
Yes and no. Even if you can't contribute right now, you should follow me anyway because a lot of my writing is going to be open to everyone, patron or not. However...patrons are going to get access to private posts, and other stuff that's coming soon to the rewards section. So think about trying out a pledge with a monthly max!

Some more stuff on why I care about astrology so much, anyway
Since childhood, I've felt a strange connection to the stars that quickly developed into a voracious (and lifelong) study of astrology. I was raised with a mix of cultural influences and systems of thought. My spiritual identity has shifted over and over throughout my life, from the Hinduism I was raised with through complicated atheisms and affairs with magic and energy in endless forms. Through all of those experiments of being, I never let go of astrology. I think that is because, despite its reputation as unscientific and wacky and out there, astrology is an extremely logical system. Some forms of divination or mysticism are all about intuition and unguided emotion (which is why they attract students with such varying intentions.) Astrology, as I've known it, is very different. It is reliable and has rules and geometry and coherency. Through its limitations, however, it gives me a structure in which I feel comfortable allowing myself to be emotional and expressive. I think that's why I've always loved it. 

 For me, it is not important to look to astrology for hard-cut and definite answers. I am not interested in approaching it by ascribing absolute causation to the observations it makes. Instead, I have found a number of useful aspects of it that make it extremely cherished to me as a practice.

I believe the mere act of associating concepts and stories and qualities between faster-moving and more dynamic parts like people and events often helps me to synthesize what’s true and what’s not. I think the exercise of doing that helps me learn more about the world, and other people, and myself — by deeply reflecting on them and sorting through all the information in front of me.

I think reading charts as a teenager helped me to develop more empathy and understanding for others, because I learned to practice and acknowledge the respectful observance and validation of difference — difference in our beings, our experiences, and how we are shaped by the continual act of moving through the world and time. And at times, I have simply found astrology profoundly healing as a way of processing events and their emotions by giving me a space — outside of right here on Earth — to think and connect and problem-solve, as well as feel.

I see very often people describe astrology as a ruthless and rigid practice of “is” and “is not” that characterizes people and boxes up events. That is a grave misreading of the practice, and a defeatist way of understanding what it has to say. It is a way of thinking that I believe opens you up to possibilities and ways out (from yourself, your situations, everything about your world that makes you feel boxed in) that you wouldn’t have seen before. I hope by learning more about astrology with me here, that you’ll get to have some of these experiences too.

Why I'm here (again, in case you missed it earlier)
I've been writing about astrology for years, but I have so many ideas and observations that I haven't found a good channel to express or teach without exhausting myself. I have plans upon plans for my project of bringing (better, more useful, less bullshit, but also kinder) astrology to the people who love it or are infatuated with it right now. Not only that, but I have tons of insights and pep talks to give you via horoscope (which I am now doing on a regular basis at http://www.sitaradidi.com/!)

So, if you want to read more, learn more, see more, or just want to see where my work is going -- please support it here on Patreon! I'd love it.

Oh, and I will be providing my chart reading services again soon, but in the meantime if you'd like one -- please support me here on Patreon! You'll bring me closer to having enough time to do charts, as my style is really thorough, in-depth, and ~crafted to order~ rather than spit out by a computer.

$28 of $150 per creation
If funding my work here on Patreon works out, I'll be confidently able to devote time to releasing regular horoscopes for each of the 12 zodiac signs. As you can imagine, each one is at least an hour of just writing, and my style of predictive writing also involves hours of research and note-reviewing. This adds up, so I'm not ready to jump right to a monthly model yet -- but with your help, I will, and you'll always know what's up. 

Being a double Virgo, I'm quite thorough, so my horoscopes also do tend to run on the long side. I've written monthlies before (some of you remember them!) so I know how much time and labor I require to do The Full And Complete Lohla Monthly Horoscopes, and this is about where it's at for me.

I totally still might do it before then, too. Who knows? Maybe the eclipse series in Leo will leave me starved to create. I guess we'll find out.
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