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Oh look, you've found my cute lil corner of the internet where I decided to throw out all my creative stuff.

Hello, everyone! Most of you probably know me as Kait/Kaitlyn from either Twitter or my book blog. If this is your first time ever meeting me, then hello! I hope you stay around and get comfortable as you support me making some cool stuff.

So, basically, I love books, and I like creating content for and about books. All of my content starting out is going to be written, since that's the medium I'm most comfortable with.

Either way, that's what I'm here for: books, books, books.

Now, a little bit about me.

Like I said earlier, my name's Kaitlyn, but I'm fine with Kait, too. I recently graduated from college (hey, look, a double major in Psychology and Gender and Women's Studies) and attending grad school for my master's in Counseling in the fall. As such, I'm going to be tight on money for...quite some time. Yay loans, amirite? So, here I am: offering some snazzy content for small monthly donations.

So...what's my content all about?

BOOKS. That's pretty much it. You'll be able to have early access to book reviews before they go live on my blog, some bookish tours, choose a portion of my TBR, and more! I hope you'll stay around to support me. :)

Tl;dr: I love books, I wanna yell about books, and I hope we can all figure this out together as we gush about...you guessed it, books.
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Gotta make that sweet, sweet Patreon money. If we can get to at least $25/month, I'll read a book that is widely seen in the book community as just plain awful and review it, exclusively for you all. Who knows, maybe I'll hate the entire experience, or I'll just poke fun all the way through. Either way, I figured it would be a fun experiment.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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