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About sizesixteens

I'm a Twitch streamer who almost exclusively plays the Mass Effect series in a special way: permadeath (no dying) on insanity difficulty. I also enforce more rules to make each attempt more difficult and exciting, such as no keeping loot in Mass Effect 1 and no planet scanning in Mass Effect 2.

Naturally, this results in more than a few failed attempts. When that happens, the dead Shepard's progress must be deleted in full and a new one rises to the attempt back at the beginning of Mass Effect 1. However, instead of watching me create my own characters, you get to submit your own as a viewer! Every Shepard I play is submitted by a viewer, and everything about the character is decided by the creator, including every major plot decision. These plot decisions are hidden until they occur, keeping the viewers in suspense.

When my current Shepard progresses to the next game, I hold a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stream that any viewer can join and play on the stream. When I have time during one of my off days I'll stream a different game donated to me by a viewer. My normal stream days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 PM CST, and usually last between four to six hours.

I'm setting up this Patreon page to allow viewers to give small monthly donations, since I have yet to become a Twitch partner and earn a subscribe button (if ever!). Patreon funds will help pay my expenses and may allow me to stream more often. Thank you for your support, and check out my stream at!

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