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This page as well as my other social media pages are in the works, bear with me. Ive worked in different settings in the music industry in the NYC and Seattle arenas and I'm convicted that the music industry is a pretty messed up place and I dont want to be a part of it. My goal is to be able to work full time doing music as a ministry. I'm a believer in Jesus Christ and Im very serious about my faith. My goal with my music is to be able to uplift people and use the profits to help people in need. My first goal is to get the equipment I need to do the music in first place. I'm Long Island born and raised. SJ Beats artists span from NYC to Seattle. Got work for years but ain't been public, so uploading everything at once stay tuned...
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I need a studio, I have all the skills and passion necessary to produce and engineer hits in any genre of music. I got the music in me folks. I recently had to get rid of all my gear, and I am desperate for funds to build my studio back up. Ill get the money driving trucks, but the sooner I can make my goal the sooner I can focus on my dream that I have full faith will come about. Any patrons will be contributing to a good cause that will have reach to many people. I wanna use my music to help people spiritually and financially but I need the tools to get started. Thanks folks!
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