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About Skaetlett

Hello hello!
I'm Skaetlett, a queer kinky erotica writer! I started in April 2019 after a rocky breakup, when I decided to give erotica writing a try. I’ve been writing for the past few years in various areas; comics, games, screenplays, and whatnot, so I figured why not? And, well, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit!

So, what do I write?
I primarily write mind control erotica with an emphasis on trans characters and female characters (specifically queer women). Most of my writing has a kink or D/s element, as well. Some of the things you may see in my writing include degradation, pain play, brainwashing, sharing, M/s, discipline and punishment, and lots of queer kinky ladies and non-binary people.

Here’s some of the things I’ve written in the past six or so months:

-Split Slave: A novel about a multimillionaire Mistress and her loyal non-binary thrall she bought at an auction; my first finished long work, and the one that kickstarted my erotica writing career!
-How to Pay Your College Loans: My current work-in-progress featuring Clara, who sells herself to two rich ladies in order to pay off her college debt.
-Bourgeoisie Corruption: A story about a mean rich businesslady turning an anti-establishment punk girl into another mean rich businesslady. (Probably the thing I had the most fun writing.)
-Nani the Fuck: A forced weeaboo TF story I wrote as a joke that somehow became one of my most well-known works!

When reading my work, it’s important to know that the situations I depict in my writing are much better in fiction than in reality. A lot of the situations in my writing are highly immoral and/or illegal. I do not condone these things in real life. Additionally, some of the scenes in my work may be triggering if you have related trauma, and I would encourage you to do self-care first before considering reading my work if that is the case.

But hey - I don’t just write erotica! I went to film school for screenwriting, and put up a variety of short screenplays I work on occasionally. I mostly do TV ensemble comedies such as my pilot about a CEO with DID, Executive; however I’ve drabbled in other things as well. I also occasionally post poetry or other memoir comics (or a review of an Avril Lavigne album) I’ve done!

What do I use Patreon money for?
As a person with a disability, working full time is extremely hard and taxing on me, especially dealing with many triggers I may face at work. The kind of work I can do is limited, along with the hours I can work. Being able to support myself more with my writing would be amazing, and a dream come true, as it is the most accessible profession for me. In addition, I live in the city, which means rent costs are a nightmare. Factor in student loans, medical bills, and whatnot… you get the drill. By being my patron, not only are you getting cool content delivered to your inbox (or mailbox!), you are supporting a very very very grateful writer.
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