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is creating web tools for Paradox Interactive's Grand Strategies
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About Skanderbeg devs

Hey. Thanks for stopping by!

We are the creators of Skanderbeg
A web-based tool for generating interactive maps & ledgers for Paradox Interactive's games created on Clausewitz Engine.
You can see some examples of our work here:
Save browser for final save from 2018's Grandest LAN party
or here:
Map of a certain MP campaign

With this Patreon our dream is to gather enough money to pay for maintenance of servers, on which we are hosting our tools, as well as possibly use it to expand Skanderbeg to other Paradox games etc.
$102 of $150 per month
More games!

With this amount we'd be able to start working towards adding support for more Paradox games, such as HoI4, Stellaris or Imperator: Rome!
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