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you get the patreon rank on my discord server along with some other perks that will benefit your expirence on my discord

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you have access to make your own Invadedlands tribute in your own player warp.  and every permission of the VIP rank

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The highest rank on my server.  you will have access to colored chat, all the tags and in spawn, /fly

and /nick




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About Skeppy Poo Poo Channel Perks

Welcome to my patreon.  here you will be able to support my channel and be able to play with me on my survival world.  you will be able to do many more cool things when i get to adding them to the patreon.  i have to have 100 characters so.. tsdxykwubdghwdvwbdyywduwdxvqwdbknewduywevdsbywqdsyiwqdyquwdqw dgbquwydsibqwdsjysavgdkusdyvbeudbsaidibwdbwdteiwdbwetvwybwwyditewedbewyditqqwwuyswbswyqtdyqbwdtquwy

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