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Same content but but for those who have lived visited the other dimension

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I just added a $12 dollar tier with stickers. So it's up to you. But I do appreciate the support either way. I was trying to give everyone on here a sticker and then stop if for new people signing up to this tier, but it won't let me. Anyway, here's a picture of my dog.

Who wants a fucking STICKER!!!!!

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All the same shit you get with a basic subscription but after 3 months you get Skeptic Tank stickers! I've never made them before. The last stickers I had were the "Do Mushrooms" 3D stickers from the Do Mushrooms tour. Probably like 5 years ago. Now these are out and they're ONLY for you guys in this tier. Stick 'em someplace good!
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Fucking stickers!!!!!! Go deface! Design by Monica Ekabutr

For those who love psychedelics.

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For the shroom enthusiasts. 18 represents the letters in the Hebrew word for life. Chai. Gutteral CH. Chai. The ch letter is 8 and the i letter is 10. 18. So Jews give gifts a lot in multiples of 18. 1 is the most common multiple that is give. $18. But for weddings and shit it's like $180.00. I don't know, it's something they do. I didn't make it up. But I am applying it to mushrooms since mushrooms can change your chai.

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Tee shirt design coming soon. It'll be cool, but I get not wanting to sign up until you see it. 

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A new product every 3 months for a year. Tee shirt, sticker, mug, hoodie. Patreon will send it out to you so my pothead self won't forget to do it. 

I will dedicate my next symphony to you

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I am 3/4 of the way through my greatest musical opus and possibly the greatest musical opus of all time. I was going to dedicate it to God himself because that's how good it is, but now I'll dedicate it to you. There's a chance I never quite finish the entire symphony and I would never publish an unfinished symphony because I'm not a hack like Schubert. So if that happens and I don't finish it, you unfortunately won't get that dedication because there'll be nothing to dedicate. But instead I'll say a prayer in your name the next time I take a wipe after a dump and there's no blood in it at all. Might be a while on that one, too. I eat a lot of spicy foods.




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Hi guys! 

I'm gonna try to get up some bonus content for you here. Right now, I'm doing 4 or 5 main offerings on Patreon.

#1: Travel Plogs. I take a picture from my travels and just tell the whole story behind it. How I got there, why, the sites, the smells, the happenings. These are gonna eventually turn into my book but I'd rather riff on it once for you guys before I start getting all the details down and organized

#2: Arrest Stories. These are from you guys. Find the post for arrest stories or trouble with the law from you or your friends. I'll read some fun ones and make fun of them

#3: Dear Ari. Same as arrest stories but for sex and dating. Questions, stories, advice. Gimme what you got so I can use it as source material to go off on.

#4: Mailbag. Any topic you want to hear me talk about. Any question you have for me. Could be related to me, could be completely unrelated. Either way, I'll pick a few and just kind of go off on them for a while

#5: Other random shit. Like early uploads of the episodes, little things I find on old hard drives, or just whatever I feel like doing once in a while. 

There's also a Discord server where you can chat to other Patrons about whatever the fuck topics you want to talk about.

And during periods where I'm off the grid for extended periods of time, which should happen every time I finish recording a special, if not more, I'm obviously going to have a lot less content on here. But know that during those times, your subscriptions will go directly to paying for amazing strange meals in faraway countries, for 13 hour long bus rides where even the locals all receive barf bags, for hostels where you'll be helping me make amazing friends from all over the world, and for just generally attacking life as best I can.

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