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About Sketch Man

My posting schedule:

-MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY: Nanako's Diary Volume 2 
-TUESDAY, THURSDAY: Diaper Quest: Next

-1st WORKING DAY OF THE MONTH: public stream event (YDW sketches only)

-SATURDAY and SUNDAY: relax time!

-YDW Sketches: EVERYDAY!
-Comic pages,  WIP: everyday, unless I'm working on a commission
-Animations, color pictures: less frequent than anything else
-Commissions: Whenever a slot opens (at least once per month)
-Livestreaming: everyday @6:30 AM CEST

There may be very rare cases when comic pages won't come out every single day (mostly due to unexpected events or sick days)

You can visit  MY WEBSITE for more stuff and lots of archives to DOWNLOAD! 


-Should I pledge right now?
If it's your first time pledging, I highly discourage doing so when the month is about to end, as you will be charged twice (first pledge + new month pledge)

-How many sketches do I get each month/cycle?
You get 1, either regular or colored.

-Can I have a refund for sketches I haven't requested in previous months but I have still pledged for?
Nope, it's your responsibility to make new request(s) each month in the appropriate comments section (links can be found in the tier rewards descriptions)

-Can I commission you?
Yes, when slots are available and if you are at least pledging 3$. Higher tiers will give you solid discounts at 10% and 25%

-Can I get a commission and a sketch request in the same month?


-My question is not listed here!
Message me if you have any other questions. You can do that on deviantArt, Pixiv, via mail or here. Every link can be found on MY WEBSITE.

$2,800 – reached! per month
20$ sketches can now be ANIMATED, (non-colored, single character, only face and padding will be animated). 
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