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About Sketchworks Comedy

Through twenty years of sold out live shows and hilarious online videos, Sketchworks Comedy has been making audiences laugh with the finest sketch comedy since 2001. Our team of experienced (and funny) comedic actors, writers, and filmmakers are among the top working professionals in the Atlanta market.

Every Tuesday we release a new episode of our popular Sketchworks NewsBrake, which we've been doing in our live shows since 2015. 

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic halted our ability to perform live shows. We had two all-new shows in rehearsal when everything shut down. And while we are returning to the stage August 13th for a three-weekend run of HEELS UP, a follow-up to our popular 2016 all-female show HEELS, a year of having no ticket income has severely drained our bank accounts.

Additionally, we are currently engaged in a lawsuit against the rightsholders of Grease over our 2018 parody called Vape. We rightfully insist that Vape is a parody and covered by fair use and the First Amendment, while they sent us a cease and desist notice and claim copyright infringement. We feel that the right to parody and satirize is too important, and so are fighting this fight to help other artists in the future express their vision without the fear of being shut down.

Needless to say, lawyer fees are not cheap.

Hence, this Patreon. Our hat is in our hand to help defray our costs somewhat. In exchange, you'll get FREE COMEDY and the uplifting feeling that only comes by helping the arts. All moneys will go to paying actors, writers, and directors, as well as the purchase of props and costumes for live shows. And lawyers.

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