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Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I spend my free time developing software tools for students. All my tools are free to use and open-source. The objective is to help students and teachers around the globe. These tools and their algorithms are peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals indexed by Clarivate Analytics.
Completed projects:
  1. Multifactorial experiment simulator (Web appAndroid appGitHubResearch article)
  2. Control and Identification Toolbox (Android appGitHubResearch article)
Partially completed projects:
  1. Uyamak (Web app) - Tool for simulating mathematical models online.
  2. Universal testing machine's data analyzer (Web appGitHub)
Future projects:
  1. Create a Uyamak eco-system with hardware.
  2. Control and Identification Toolbox for motors
Please support me to dedicate more time to my projects.

Best regards,
Suresh Kumar Gadi
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Uyamak is a web-app designed to simulate mathematical models on the browser with the need to install any application. It is useful for the students, teachers, and researchers to access without a need for administrator rights to install bulky software packages. It is as simple as opening a web-page. Apart from solving differential equations, it is helpful to learn, teach, and develop insight into mathematics in general. Access it at

Status: Partially complete
Works todo when I reach USD 1000 per month:
  1. Some sections of the project are incomplete.
  2. I identified a few bugs.
  3. Cloud integration is missing
  4. Writing a scientific article to make it peer-reviewed to authenticate this work.
  5. Build hardware and firmware which will work along with the Uyamak.
  6. Develop Uyamak server code to control hardware from a remote location. 
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