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Hi! My name is Michael, I work with my wife Jessica on the Fantasy/Adventure webcomic, UberQuest! Some of you may know us as "Skidd" and "Phuufy"  We draw art, and take commissions full time to support ourselves and our family.

I've been drawing since I was 5 and doing comics for fun since I was 10 years old,my wife has been similarly doing art since she was 8. We've both been self-employed professionals since 2011, we decided in 2014 to start our webcomic UberQuest.

UberQuest is a long-term project,a comic we plan to do for years on end. Here's the break down our respective jobs on the comic.

-Skidd: Main artist, co-writer and lettering.
-Phuufy: Main writer, co-editor/artist and colorist.

That's why We'd like to ask for your help making this dream come true!

This comic is 100% free for everyone to view.

Though comic work takes alot of time, with your support I can spend more time working on the comic and less time working on commissions or other projects. If you'd like to find out how to help me out please check my incentives below - I will do my best to supply all these to all our generous Patrons!

 More pledges mean more goodies. More frequent updates, merchandise, doodles, exclusives, streams, and more!



UberQuest is a fantasy/adventure/sci-fi webcomic! Taking place in the fantastical world of Evyr. It's a tale that follows six protagonists, Sesame, Kibbles (Kibella),Claire,Farron,Mason and Kylar.. on a quest for to solve an archaic mystery of ancient artifacts known as Ubers.

Their journey takes a twist as they find themselves in the brink of a civil war between a corrupt Kingdom and a growing rebellion. Fractured groups have emerged in this time of uncertainty,as a wave of terroristic attacks and many strange occurrences have begun to spring up.

Packed with action,adventure,drama,romance,comedy and mythical lore - it's a story you won't want to miss out on!

Updates Weekly!

Additional Comics ! 


Mousechievious follows Jasmine, the bug-loving fanatic whose fresh out of college and back in her hometown.She finds herself some rather interesting roommates,neighbors and co-workers while she tries to navigate her budding career. Will she be able to handle the trials of adulthood or fall flat on her face? 

Mousechievous is on alternating updates with UberQuest, but is subject to change.


Your contributions will go toward better equipment for drawing and keeping the comic up to date.
We draw everything digitally, so we use our computers, monitors, tablets, pen nibs and such.
And we'd like to keep all of those under good maintenance.

It also takes a lot of time to work on these pages.. so with your pledges, it will help us to focus on making more comics/art to keep you entertained! Besides office equipment, he pays for our bills, food,gas and healthcare..ect - basically everything that keeps your artists alive and well!

Of  course you can pledge any amount you want, change it anytime - set a limit or cancel anytime. Patreon just helps you support artists/creators - kinda like a tip-jar.

Making comics is our livelihood and something we feel extremely grateful and privilege to be able to do, thanks to all our generous fans!


We offer many exclusive offers you can only get via Patreon!

  • Exclusive First look,WIPs,illustrations and animations!
  • Ask UberCast Blog, this is a mini-comic itself, semi-canonical and full of fanservicey-goodness, it helps get a more intimate look at our characters!
  • UberQuest merchandise Gift-Boxes for High-Tier patrons, this includes books,plushies,buttons,bookmarks, prints and more~!
  • Get to know the people behind the pages!  Join our discord,participate in Chillin' Nights where we watch Movies/Stream Games or just chat with our readers. 

$882.13 of $1,000 per month
We will try to do a Bi-Monthly Animatic with full voice acting! 
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