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About Skullchicken

Well, it started when I noticed that there weren't many pictures of troll ladies in the Shadowrun-Books - and I love myself some Troll ladies. They are just good. Soon I found myself drawing all kinds of Troll-, Ork, Elf- and Dwarf-ladies. And since RPGs are a communal experience anyways, I wanted to share them for free, under the CC BY-NC license.

So yeah, you can toss a coin my way if you like - I would feel very appreciated and it would motivate me to produce even better drawing. But honestly, you don't have to. I hope my drawings bring you, your GM or your players as much joy as I have drawing them ^u^

What is the schedule like?
I'll publish a character set with at least 4 variants every month. That means 1 full-color illustrations in 4 different reskins. Maybe there will also be a 5th variant with cyberlimbs or one with magic (spirits or spells).

That character is perfect for me except for [minor detail] and I don't know how to edit digitally, could you change this for me?
Sure - if you ask nicely via Tumblr or the Patreon comment section. Please keep in mind though that I have a full-time job and my illustration business on the side, so depending on how much I have to do it's gonna take some time or might not get done at all. Sorry.

Do I need to let people know who made the drawing?
Yes, I'd very much appreciate it. Attribution goes to Skullchicken or Maike Gerstenkorn - please add my patreon or homepage-address ( if you can. If you use it only in your the rpg-group... I dunno, namedrop me if the topic comes up.
That would be very cool of you ^u^

Can I edit the pictures myself?
Yeah, knock yourself out.

Can I use the drawings for my commercial project?
No, unless you get my permission. Please let me know so we can discuss the license - however, depending on your project, maybe I'll let you use them for free anyways.

Will you draw something other than Urban Fantasy?
Yeah, eventually. Right now I'm having way too much fun, tho ^^

Most of what you posted is female-coded. Are you only going to draw women?
Heck nah. I'll also draw men and characters with male gender expression. But apart from that - just because I started this setting out to draw women doesn't mean they even have to be women. How you gender the people in my drawings is up to you, the player or GM. 

Are you only going to draw non-humans?
Well, humans are kind of over-represented in most RPG's and they don't draw me in quite as much as other races. But I'm not opposed to drawing human-sets.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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