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About SkyDream


Hey everyone, I'm Skydream. First of all english is not my own language, but I'm pretty sure that you can understand me. Recently, following the advice of friends, I have decided to publish my work through patreon (and one month later in Nexusmods with less content). So I present to you my most ambicious mod for Skyrim: "BEAUTIES OF SKYRIM"


Beauties of Skyrim (BOS) it's a huge mod that replace every female of the game by real and atractive character inspired on real life models, actress, singers, etc. of every place of the world. Just imagine your favorite celebrity appears in Skyrim as a follower, enemy or npc. Sounds good right?


I will be release packs of 4 characters for a only price.


Each character it's standalone, that means that you don't need install others mods. Due to permissions I can´t include custom bodies or armors here in Patreon, but my mods are compatible with many of them (vanilla, unp, cbbe, unpb, you can replace it if you want and without neck seams). Also there is a lot of sensuality in this mod, but never nudity or pornography. Sorry but i will not support that!


Beauties exists in any place of the world (EE.UU. Brazil, Italy, Ucrane, Japan, Rusia, South Africa) ANY PLACE. Just imagine the posibilities!


1) Many of the resources that I use
to create each character, although they are modified by me or use like a template (textures, hairstyles) belong to their creators and I will give credit to all of them. I don´t pretend to take any credit for that resources. My job consists in combine and adaptate that enormous variety of material with my sculpting heads to create a complete standalone follower. I'm just a face sculptor. (If there is a complaint, I will be happy to collaborate).

2) I don't support pornography, therefore if my characters are uploaded on other websites (loverslab, reddit / piracy, or another blog) without my permission, and they have been modified, especially for erotic purposes, I will close my patreon and stop creating mods. (What you do with what I develop privately is up to you, but I don't want my mods to be made public for other different uses)

3) I will not make characters that are children or teens based on real people.

Thanks to you and everyone in advance! :D

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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