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About Skye

About The Balance

The Balance Discord server, formed in February 2017, first existed to host the exchange of ideas among passionate players, furthering each other's understanding of the game and raising the skill of the community in the limited capacity we could. Since then, we've grown far more than anyone expected, nearing 200,000 members as of this writing. Along the way, we've been many things: a social hub, a resource hub, an interactive FFXIV help hotline, and a collaboration space. But, through and through, we will always be a community dedicated to helping one other grow. It is to that end that our passionate community members donate their time, and we don't just mean people with special roles. These wonderful folks spend time answering questions, analyzing logs, offering concrete tips and advice for improvement, and of course, sharing in the glory of every success when people show improvement from week to week. Beyond that, many Mentors and invested community members are to thank for the creation and maintenance of resources like guides, BiS lists, gear calculators, damage simulators, etc. It's thanks to those incredible volunteers and passionate community members that we now proudly call ourselves the largest FFXIV Discord community and the go-to server for learning and improvement in so many of the game's facets, from Savage and Ultimate raids to gathering routes and market board PvP. The Balance has been many things and may be many more, but above all else, The Balance is this: constant improvement. Whether it be in our Eorzean endeavors, our community, or the server itself, we intend to be a better Balance every day. We're glad to have you in it with us, and profoundly grateful for your support.

About this Patreon
Currently, the funds from this Patreon cover the various hosting fees associated with the website and any in-house Discord bots the server utilizes. In the future, those fees may include other tools and projects we may need to host, but as of now, the upkeep is minimal. Beyond that, your patronage serves to support Skye in the amount of time and effort that goes into the maintenance of the server, such as the development of the custom-built bots to suit our ever-evolving needs and the mountains of administrative work it takes to keep the gears turning.
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If we reach this tier, we'll do giveaways far more often than we do at the moment -- We've done one, with another one in the works, although in a completely different stance. We plan on doing more for different occasions, but most of the money will *still* come out of our own pockets. Reaching this would make it far easier for us to do so.
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